Utilizing the huge labor force.

In Pakistan we know there exists a huge amount of skilled and unskilled labor force. The density of this labor force however is not uniformly distributed in cities as well as in villages. If we could devise a method to maximize the utilization of this labor in a city, then we would not only be able to provide proper jobs but also it would provide comfort to those who need proper labor. Our team has thought of an open Idea in which we would launch an app for people on which day they will be able to hire desired labor from a variety of labor. This app will have their skills layout in front of people on their mobile. This allows for the people to have the luxury of getting skilled people for their work. This way we would be able to provide good jobs for the poor and needy but skilled people. Mostly every labor has a mobile nowadays and they could be contacted to give them jobs from their homes. The previous data shows that there are a lot of job opportunities for the labor but the density of labor at specific points make it difficult to uniformly distribute the work. And with the current living style it is very difficult to go to bazar and find the required person with required skills for the job. The making of the app will be carried out with smooth data gathering by field visit and getting people’s opinion as well. The task although looks very hard and we are sure it will be hard but we are confident that with the big goal of the future to turn Pakistan into a skilled country rather than a labor force.

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