The Journey to Punitiveness

I joined Amal to manage my time. I would like to first thank my friend for suggesting me this fellowship. After joining I was most focused on time management. But as the first week went due to early motivation the morale started to fall. The time was not properly managed and I started lagging behind. Then came the Amal courses. These courses are greatly arranged in such a way that you get the correct thing at the right time.

For me one on one sessions were fruitful as I learnt a lot of errors in my way of handling daily tasks. I was able to question myself more than often. There was a fellow who mentioned talking to his Zameer the way you talk to a friend. This way encourages me also to engage with myself. And then afterward I was able to reflect on my actions and correct my decision and make big decisions about life.

I was poor in time management. I personally overestimate myself. I think everything is possible irrespective of time. But thanks to Amal courses on time management and self reflection I came to realize that it is good to think positively that everything is possible but time is in essence so I started gauging my skills against time. Now, Alhamdulillah I am able to time my task i.e., I can estimate my skills over time. Well personally this has made me work more efficiently and accurately.

This fellow ship has provided me with something very precious. I was a quick talker and I could talk for hours and I was not good listener. This problem was evident even before that of Amal Fellowship. Thanks to Amal sessions I was able to realize that listening is the important skill in good communication. You learnt a lot by listening to other ideas. I was able to receive feedback on my thoughts and deep beliefs. I was able to reflect on wrong and write. The inside war which is always going on is settling down. But I am more able to listen to myself also.

Thanks Amal fellows and Instructor. It was a great journey thus far.