Little act of kindness on the table. The table was not in proper shape and I don’t know what was present on the table. Just took me about 10 minutes to adjust the table. And table look beautiful. The effort may seem little but the impact on myself is big. By doing these little things I am filled with confidence that I can achieve great things and I can go on to make sure that I make such small changes daily in my life and improve on them. But how would a person would know if he is making changes in the right way. The only way to know for sure is that we should give our-self time and evaluate our work on daily basis. As Amal teaches to be humble it also teaches us to be more open and honest with yourself. Being honest with yourself means that you can criticize yourself and feel comfortable as your own opinion would be much less hurtful and more productive. The effort in the image is very small but It allows me to manage my things on my working table.

So, get up and start doing these small things in the hope that it will bring a big change someday..

I want to know you..