Acts of Kindness

If all the people of the earth were to turn into kind hearted people this world would be a heaven. But this can only happened in utopia. Utopia only being the imaginary world couldn’t be recreated here. But If human race were to become kind hearted that would eventually be an era to live in. We observe al around the world that there been the cases of rape, misbehave with the women, that just shows the main reason of distress. Human are biological social being along with there specific needs. We in our country don’t see any government counseling institutes or other awareness programs. This further go on to show my point that the humans are not provided with enough tools to lay down there stress.

Be Kind as one king word can save a soul..

A man works from 9am to 6pm. And when he reaches home his wife greats him in the house and ask him about his day with great love and care. And consider a scenario where man return home and he is met with a fight which is happening between his wife and mother. He is tired and stressed from the job and when he is met with such environment he is definitely going to get mad and somehow this stress will accumulate in it and will produce results we often see. Difference between two cases is just a small smile or good gesture or small word of appreciation.

My little brother is high temper. He would get angry even for small things. I was worried about him that how he is going to survive in the world where there would be harsh words all around him. So, I started making him go easy on everyone. I just ask him that you are not going to answer to anyone no matter what anyone say. And along with that I start treated him with care and start appreciating him and try to advice him as much as possible. So, as the time passed I start observing changes in him. He grows more calm and start to understand that getting angry is not going to do any good. It do more harm then any good.

So, a small word like a smiley thank you at the end of your interaction with anyone and be very polite when going to bank just great the back guard and same with all the people inside. So, be very gentle with the security personal.