A reflection on last Amal Fellowship Session

The Amal started as a any other class or university. But it was different from the first session. Then we develop relations and connections with each other. The time continue and we reach the final session. Second last last session were promised to be great. Every member was excited for the session.

The memorable session has some memorable time as well.

The feeling between fellows were mixed. The last session had brought a unique environment in the session. It was formal but informal at the same time. The session start with the appreciation of others. Then everyone share the overall journey. Then a activity by our mentor focusing on the leadership, teamwork and communication within ourselves.

Then we shared about the childhood memories by making a guess of fellow pictures. This platform provide you with the opportunity to be open with yourself. This enables you to talk about yourself more openly. Some fellows were very shy but they were good to talk in this session. The laughter was something that can’t be forgotten.

Then we have our circle member perform a special performance. Hassan has a hidden talent which was hidden but got on the surface that he could sign very good. He then sign “kabi alvida na khna” song. This song was beautiful. He look confidence when singing. He deliver with great phase and great voice. It is my favorite song as well so I enjoyed a lot.

Then videos, ghazals etc was shared which turn the environment emotional and amazing.

“The journey starts when you take first step. Everything that comes in the way is the beauty of the path. Enjoy it.”

Overall the session was emotional. The last pic of the Amal Family.




I want to know you..

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Usama 185

Usama 185

I want to know you..

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